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Name: Nurull
Email: lais.oliveira@bbcr.com.br
Datum: 24.05.112 06:41

This is a great system just clmopeted installing it yesterday. Once it's up , it's solid, well built, great bounce off the backboard you'll be very happy you bought it. While the instructions aren't great putting this thing up isn't exactly that tough. I was really contemplating paying someone to put this thing up for me (after reading some of the online posts but am really glad I saved the money)Couple of pointers1) You need 2 people just no way one person can do it2) You can get it up in 3.5 4 hours (without rushing)3) Read some of the reviews on the problem steps they helped me a lot.a) bouncing the post section together in real life means applying some lubericant and slamming the sections downwards onto a piece of wood multiple times (that worked for me with gentle bouncing you may be there for a few years)b) When it comes to attaching the rim the instructions are confusing there is a square piece that looks like it should be metal in the instructions, but in reality it's a foam piece that is already stuck onto the backboard Apart from the 2 problem steps above, no problems putting this together. The system is fantastic . My son loves it . Have fun .

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